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Chromium regulates your glucose levels and reduces the hunger

El cromo

Chromium is an essential mineral found in many foods.

It has an important role in regulating the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in the human body. One of the most important functions of chromium is to help regulate blood glucose levels.

But how does it work? Chromium helps regulate blood glucose levels by increasing the effectiveness of insulin, a hormone that helps transport glucose from the blood into cells, where it can be used as an energy source.

El cromo

Insulin is produced in the pancreas and is released into the bloodstream after a meal to help control blood sugar levels.

When insulin binds to receptors on cells, a series of processes are activated that allow glucose to enter cells.

Chromium may improve the response of cells to insulin, allowing for better entry of glucose into cells and a lowering of blood glucose levels.

For this reason it can also reduce the feeling of hunger and improve satiety. In another article we talk about Tryptophan as a regulator of hunger, especially more anxious.

Where to find chrome?

▸ In food, for example, in Meats, Seafood, Brewer’s yeast, Whole grains, and Vegetables such as Spinach or Broccoli.

▸ In supplements, such as Chromium from Solgar, or Chromium from Arkopharma, available at the pharmacy, ask us.

And you, have you ever checked your glucose levels?

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